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Lanae overman

| Accounts manager

If there was phrase that describes LaNae, its “yeah, I can do that.” This girl is more versatile than duct tape and the spork. With over 13 years experience in administration and creative management, she’s the oil to the motor of Override Films and keeps the company looking to the future.

Garrett Despain

Logistics | Producer

| Production Specialist

Spend 5 minutes with Garrett and you’ll quickly realize he is one of the most unique and hilarious people you’ll meet! This guy simply makes stuff happen and gets things done. While taking the lead on overseeing productions, Garrett is also skilled with a camera, in the edit bay, and plays a mean piano.

Joshua shaw

Cinematographer | editor

Few things surpass Josh’s passion for motorcycles and TrolliBright Crawlers, but cinematography truly is his greatest love. With a natural eye for capturing fascination, Josh sees the world differently than most. His passion for film is clearly demonstrated in the careful and creative execution of every shot he takes.

Tracy Shumway

Lead tech | rc pilot

Heli yeah! This guy flies stuff, and he flies it well. Tracy has the most fun job on the team (building and flying helicopters!), but also the most stressful one. With deep roots in engineering and RC mechanics, Tracy is a wealth of technical knowledge and posses unmatched piloting skills. This guy can build anything, and then make it fly.


Founder | Cinematographer | Editor

Most of his life has been spent in the world of action sports. For the last 15 years he’s been searching for the most unique way to capture his world through a lens. His adrenaline fixes now mostly come from hanging out of helicopters and putting expensive camera gear in harms way, all in the name of a great shot and a great story.

Aerial Cinematography


so much more.

We are renown for our expertise in the realm of aerial cinematography, but our skill-set extends into all aspects of production. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative and high-tech solutions to capture any shot, in virtually any condition, in any walk of life. All this, to tell your story in a fascinating way.

We are a group of passionate artists who use cutting edge digital cinema technology coupled with great storytelling to capture our world in fascinating ways.

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